Sitemap - 2023 - Southeast Asian Archaeology

Pyramid Puzzles, Professor's Prestige, and Prized Buddha Relics

Heritage Preservation in Southeast Asia

Depths, Debates, and Discoveries

Burma to Myanmar at the British Museum

Ethics, Edifices, and International Engagements

The Rojak #72: The Buddha in the Mango Tree and Consequences for Vandals

Fashion, Fangs, and Forgotten Temples

Angkor Wat's Grand Causeway and Reopening Hanoi's Brick Tombs

After 17 years, the First Full Slate! [Updated]

British Museum's Myanmar Showcase and Cambodia's Reclaimed Shiva

The Rojak #71: The Museum of Sin and Great Damage to the Great Wall

Revelations from the Bujang Valley and Si Thep's Heritage Struggles

The Secret Museum underneath the Vietnam National Assembly

New World Heritage Sites and a Museum Tragedy

Belitung: The Afterlives of a Shipwreck by Natali Pearson (Review)

Legacy and Repatriation: Remembering Damian Evans and Celebrating the Return of Southeast Asian Heritage

A Tapestry of Tales: Exploring Indonesia’s Rich Heritage at the National Museum of Indonesia

Submerged Secrets and Black Market Busts

The Rojak #70: Pet Sacrifices and other Macabre Tales

Big Teeth and Little Feet in Southeast Asia

Vietnam's original rock music and Malaysia's first dated rock art

Lidar detects new structures at Si Thep and announcing SPAFACON2024

The Mukhalinga National Treasure and Finding More Stolen Loot in Australia

Return of the Rojak

SEAArch Newsletter: Managing World Heritage, the new Cebu Museum and the NGA returns Cham sculptures

Recreating a 2000-Year-Old Curry: A Gastronomic Adventure into Oc Eo's Ancient Culinary Heritage

SEAArch Newsletter: 2000-year-old curry, Death Mask Fashion Faux Pas and Dual Pricing in Thailand

SEAArch Newsletter: Women in Archaeology, Revival at Preah Vihear and Cross-Border Collaboration in Bagan

SEAArch Newsletter: Preah Vihear Archives and Fish Sauce Archaeology

SEAArch Newsletter: Ancient Fibre Technology and Return of the Lombok Treasure

SEAArch Newsletter: Lintel discovery, Preah Vihear Anniversary and Remembering E E McKinnon

SEAArch Newsletter: Latchford Estate settles for $12 million, Parachute Science, and Emperor Naruhito visits Borobudur

SEAArch Newsletter: Did this guy just confess to looting artefacts from the Philippines?

SEAArch Newsletter: Cambodian Shipwreck Ceramics and Cham Temples

SEAArch Newsletter: Boats edition

SEAArch Newsletter: Reopening of the Preah Vihear border, looting of the HMS Prince of Wales and the Repulse, and new Unesco Geoparks

SEAArch Newsletter: Bagan hit by cyclone, and the reopening of the National Museum of Prehistory in Taitung

SEAArch Newsletter: International Museums Day Edition

SEAArch Newsletter: Still finding temple ruins in Cambodia and Buddha sculptures in Lao Caves

SEAArch Newsletter: Ban Chiang Celebrated, Ban Chiang Returned

SEAArch Newsletter: Indian Patolas, Javanese Temples and Generative AI

SEAArch Newsletter: Sankranta in Angkor Wat and Alarm over George Town Heritage

SEAArch Newsletter: Songkran Edition

Madeleine Colani Street

SEAArch Newsletter: Sa Huynh site recognised, Kua Bua in danger, and the anniversary of Preah Vihear WHS

SEAArch Newsletter: Santubong as a possible archaeological park, the Met's dealings with looters and many job postings

SEAArch Newsletter: The stupa emerging from the Mekong and more repatriations of Cambodian cultural heritage

SEAArch Newsletter: The Denver Art Museum removes a donor, Southern Vietnamese archaeology and Singapore's Padang as a potential WHS

Other podcasts of note

SEAArch Newsletter: Temasek Gold, Dynamite Doug, and the end of Balloons over Bagan

SEAArch Newsletter: Return of Cambodian Gold, the Passing of a Lanna Princess, and the Hostage Situation in PNG

SEAArch Newsletter: Writing on the walls of Angkor Wat, Ancient Yunnan and Maritime Interactions in Wallacea

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